Why old customer reviews can lose you business

A significant number of consumers consult customer reviews when they want to purchase. Whether buying a dress or looking for a medical procedure, customer reviews influence a buyer’s purchase decision in all industries.

Nowadays, there are many options, especially online, so your business needs to stand out. The best way to do this is to ensure that positive reviews outnumber negative ones. Negative reviews will only bring down your business, while positive ones will help the business.

The following are how positive reviews benefit your business.

1. Provide Credibility to your business

Positive reviews give credibility to your business. Studies show that almost 90% of consumers believe customer reviews and trust personal recommendations. The more positive reviews your business has, the more credible it looks to your potential customers.

2. Help Build Customer Trust

Customer reviews are an excellent opportunity for a business to connect with customers and develop trust, which is essential for success. When customers see you engaging with reviews and use them to improve your products or services, you build confidence. Positive reviews highlighting the company’s value and mission statement help potential customers better understand your business.

3. Improve Customer Rentention

A satisfied customer will give you more business, while unhappy ones will look for a better alternative. Customer reviews help you know if your customers approve of your services and identify areas that need improvement. This is an excellent opportunity to win back clients and increase their loyalty level.

What is the Effect of Old Customer Reviews on a Business?

Customer reviews have been proven to help a potential customer decide whether to make a purchase. However, the reviews should be up-to-date. You should not have a case where the last customer review was posted three or even six months ago.

When a business does not have current reviews, prospective customers wonder if the company is still in existence or has made any sales since the last review. If potential customers feel that you do not make regular sales, they will hesitate to buy from you.

The situation makes doubt if your products are defective or your services are wanting. A customer will buy from a company with current and regular reviews than one without. The reviews should be as current as two weeks ago. This shows that you are still in business and provide good services or sell quality products with great customer care.

Review Management Software

The software is designed to help businesses manage their customer reviews in one central area. Review management software helps businesses see all incoming reviews and provide a simpler way to dispatch review requests to customers. The software helps produce, reply to, and post reviews for the business. This helps save time, which boosts the reputation of your business and catch negative customer experiences. Nowadays, many businesses use this tool to advance their brand and increase their SEO ranking.

Studies have shown that about 90% of consumers search for online review software before visiting a business or buying online. 86% of the customers will choose the competitor if your business has negative reviews. A review management software helps generate organic reviews through advertisement campaigns like text messages or emails.

Advantages of Review Management Software

1. Saves Time

It can be difficult juggling multiple platforms as it negatively affects communication, which reduces positive customer experience. The resulting negative experience leads to bad reviews, which eventually keeps potential customers from your business. A review management software helps you answer the reviews, obtain feedback, collect reviews, and send reminders from one platform combining all social media platforms where you interact with customers.

2. Improve Your Reputation

Although consumers still value word of mouth opinions from family and friends, they greatly rely on online review software. With just a single Google search, consumers learn all they want to know about a business and decide whether to buy from them or not. If you have positive customer feedback, you have a higher chance of gaining new customers. If your reviews are out of date, negative or nonexistent, you will lose the customer to a competitor with positive reviews that verify their credibility and reputation.

3. Boost Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Although this does not directly affect online businesses, a business that relies on in-person interaction rely on local SEO. Localized SEO considers proximity when giving results to a potential customer. You significantly advance your local SEO ranking when you manage your online reputation with review management software. This is because a significant number of positive reviews ensure that Google searchers see you as a real business and a quality service experience.

4. Transparant Marketing

Whenever a prospective customer sees that your business responds to negative and positive reviews, it demonstrates that your business has an active online presence and listens and interacts with your customers. Promptly replying to comments on social media is an excellent way to increase customer engagement. Consequently, your business needs to have an active online presence, with many positive reviews and social media to present to your current and future customers.

If the business receives negative reviews, review management software allows you to respond promptly and resolve the customer’s negative experience. When customers feel that you value their feedback and act on it, they are more likely to give your business another chance. This is also a good sign to potential customers as it demonstrates that you are welcome to feedback and act upon it to ensure customer satisfaction.

Final Take

In today’s business world, reviews have a great influence on businesses. Hence, review management software is a beneficial tool for your business, and it comes highly recommended. If you struggle to have an improved online reputation and increase your reviews, contact us for review management software that will help your business get more organic reviews.

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