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Reputation is how people see your company or brand and how people perceive the company and it’s services. Our review and reputation services helps to improve or restore you reputation by increasing the number of online positive reviews. When potential customers see a business has hundreds or thousands of positive reviews it creates credability, trust and  will improve your business performance.

Thanks to Amazon we have all been conditioned to look at reviews before making a decision. Now anytime needs a plumber, builder or they are looking for a resturant they use two words – “Google it” and along with the search results come the reviews. If your competitors have more and better reviews than you they will be getting the call. Online reviews have become trusted proof of a good service or product.

Our prices are not displayed as we have different pricing options. We’ll be happy to go through these with you on the phone or via email, alternatively book a demo and we can show you the software at the same time.

We can increase your reviews on any open review site such as Google, Trust Pilot, Yell, facebook and many, many more.

Yes, we set up everything for you and take you through how everything works. plus we’re always on hand for questions

it depends there are two options. The first simply requires you or your staff to ebert customer details in and our system takes care of the rest. Altenatively we integrate with many applications such as Quick Books making it 100% automated.

Well that depend on how many customers you have but after some initial calibration you can expect reviews from 40% of your customers. This figure is one of the highest in the industry.

unfortunately not, it’s almost impossible to remove reviews once they are out there. We can however flood your business with lots of positive reviews burying the negative ones.

Once you are set up any negative reviews will be internalised so you can contact the customer and address the situation. Leaving your online reputation safe.e

Firstly it depends on where you are right now, and what your current reviews and review rating is. If you need to improve from a rating of 4 or below it will take more time then if you currently have a 4.5 rating. This process doesn’t happen over night. The main aim is to build regular positive reviews so that Google can see a pattern of happy customers. Keep this up and you will start to move up the ranks.

No, it’s absolutely fine to ask for reviews. However you can not offer a bribe or try to talk a customer into giving you a good review as this is against Googles terms of service.

Quite simply it’s what we do day in day out. We specialise in helping  business get lots of positive reviews. A large part of collecting lots of reviews is the timing and how simple it is for the customer. We calibrate both these processes until we obtaining reviwes from 40% or more of your customers.